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The Culture Certification is an 18-week live, virtual intensive that empowers human-centered leaders with actionable strategies to shape the future of work in any organization.

Rapid Workplace Evolution is Leaving Culture Behind

In today's fast-paced business landscape, many organizations are rushing to adapt, often neglecting the very heart of their success - their culture.

This oversight not only hinders growth but can lead to discord, decreased productivity, and a loss of key talent.

Design the Future of Work with Culture in Focus

With our live, virtual CoCreate Work Culture Certification, we empower you to put culture at the forefront of your organization's evolution.

By integrating actionable strategies and intentional practices, you'll not just keep pace with the changing workplace; you'll lead the future of work, creating environments that thrive.

Don’t just check a box…
Create Lasting Culture Change!


the Future of Work
Dive deep into the future of work, harnessing trends and strategies to guide organizations through transformative changes with foresight and expertise.


Organizational Culture
Master actionable tools and insights to nurture an inclusive and resilient work culture that fosters trust, productivity, and collaboration among diverse teams.


Intentional Growth
Utilize advanced systems and frameworks to implement sustainable, human-centered practices, propelling businesses forward with purpose and aligned values.

Beyond HR: Crafting Culture as a Strategic Business Pillar

Cultivating a strong workplace culture isn’t just about ping-pong tables and pizza parties — it's central to business success. With the Culture Certification, you'll harness strategies that boost retention, foster innovation, and uplift productivity.

Dive deeper than traditional HR practices and equip yourself with tools to actively shape a thriving work environment and stand out as a forward-thinking leader.

Calling All Change-Makers in Today's Workplaces

For In-House Leaders Crafting Transformative Company Cultures

Master the art of orchestrating cultural shifts from the inside, positioning your organization not merely as an adopter, but as a leader in fostering employee engagement and modern workplace dynamics.

For Consultants Elevating Client Outcomes Through Intentional Culture Design

Equip yourself with a comprehensive understanding and methodologies to guide clients in reimagining workplace culture, ensuring genuine transformations that optimize both employee satisfaction and business performance.

For Founders and Owners Looking to Build Something Different

As a founder or owner, this certification equips you with innovative approaches to culture design, enabling you to build a company that's not just successful but also a true reflection of your vision and values. Foster an environment where creativity thrives and every team member is part of something genuinely extraordinary.

Weeks 1 - 4:

Assessment & Systems Thinking

  • Delve into the intricacies of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and their paramount importance in leadership.
  • Learn how to effectively assess your clients and translate these findings into actionable insights and recommendations.
  • Master the principles of Systems Thinking and systems-level solutions over a comprehensive two-week period.

Weeks 5 - 12:

Culture & Culture Components

  • Acquire a solid understanding of the  5 Components of Culture© necessary for creating a resilient company culture.
  • Learn how to leverage the 5 Components of Culture© to design systems-level solutions that respond to the complexities of working across teams.
  • Unlock strategies for organizational design, promoting inclusivity, and the integration of autonomy and flexibility into the workplace.

Weeks 13 - 18:

Communications & Connections

  • Decode the nuances of organization-wide communication and its role in shaping perceptions.
  • Engage more effectively with key stakeholders and practice advanced leadership communication techniques such as storytelling, developing talking points, and communication at every level.
  • Dive deep into the art of intentional connection, measurement, and bridging gaps.

By the end of this certification, you will possess the tools, strategies, and confidence to drive transformative cultural change, positioning yourself as a key influencer in the evolving landscape of workplace dynamics.

Hear From Our Community

Deputy Director

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Thank you so much. CoCreate Work brought so much wisdom and empathy to this hard work and we are better for it. You embodied the spirit of “meeting people where they are, but not leaving them there.” As a result, you helped us grow as a team…When we started we weren’t clear on what we needed, you helped us create a process and execute it.

Martha S., Founder

The Key P.R.

Thank you so much. CoCreate Work brought so much wisdom and empathy to this hard work and we are better for it. You embodied the spirit of “meeting people where they are, but not leaving them there.” As a result, you helped us grow as a team…When we started we weren’t clear on what we needed, you helped us create a process and execute it.

Mel Carson, CEO

Delightful Communications

CoCreate Work completely changed how our company operates. We are backed by a unified set of values and a culture that we designed from the ground up. Our experience with CoCreate Work impacted every level of leadership, helping us develop a well-defined, custom pathway toward success.

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Dive into our comprehensive curriculum, interact with like-minded peers, and get hands-on guidance from Chloe and La’Kita.
With certification in hand, lead transformative culture initiatives in your organization or consult clients to elevate their culture strategy.

Meet Your Guides on Your Journey to Create Purposeful Culture

La'Kita Williams

Founder & Lead Strategist
La’Kita Williams is the founder of CoCreate Work. She has over 18 years of diverse experience ranging from corporate sales and training to talent management and organizational development. She specializes in taking a systems approach and works to connect systemic efforts to the individual outcomes at each level of the organization.

As a certified professional coach and trained Master’s level Social Worker, she has worked with small businesses, organizations, founders, and CEOs to strategically plan and design company culture, lead change, and enhance team experience. La’Kita has been quoted in the New York Times and Harvard Business Review.

Chloe Andersen

Managing Partner & Lead Trainer
Chloe specializes in leadership, cross-cultural communications, and team building. Chloe’s practical approach to leadership development began during her nearly seven years at Citigroup where she served as a Senior HR Advisor to business leaders across the globe.

Through her authentic approach to coaching, Chloe is able to help leaders get real with and build trust within themselves and their teams, partners, and clients leading to better performance and results. Chloe uses a combination of tools and assessments to provide the right level of support for each leader or team.

Access the Gold Standard in Workplace Culture Training

Embark on a transformative 18-week journey to reshape the future of work.

Rolling Admissions Now Open


Learning Leader

Fortune 100 Global Insurance Company

Recently, CoCreate Work led a team building Intensive for our global HR leadership team, focusing on cultural literacy, trust, collaboration, and ownership. CoCreate Work thoughtfully designed the session to address our specific needs and desired outcomes, incorporating pre-work, individual reflection, group discussions, and exercises like creating working agreements.

Their facilitation skills were exemplary, striking a balance between structure and flexibility while fostering active participation and creating a safe space for sharing – all in a multicultural environment with participants from all over the world. CoCreate Work's ability to adapt to the group dynamics and tailor content to our needs was commendable.

As a result of the experience CoCreate Work created, we were able to walk out of the room with a clear set of guiding principles/working agreements, which we now use to lead with trust and hold ourselves accountable to operating as one unit and team.

Ready to Build Lasting Impact?

The Culture Certification is a Gateway to Continuous Growth


As a Trusted Culture Thought Leader
Earning this certification positions you at the forefront of organizational culture expertise. And gives you the skills you need to become a trusted voice in discussions, panels, and strategy meetings


Your Career Prospects & Potential
Equip yourself with a skillset that's in high demand, opening doors to roles and opportunities that were previously out of reach. Whether you're eyeing that promotion or a shift to a more impactful position, this certification propels you forward.


A Competitive Consulting Edge
For those outside traditional organizational roles, this certification amplifies your valuable expertise. Differentiate yourself from the competition to command higher fees and attract premium clients who value culture-centric solutions.

Navigating the Essentials: All Your Burning Questions

What is the investment of the certification? Do you have payment plan options?

Yes, Once you are accepted into the program you will select one of the following payment options:

  • Payment in full of $8,995
  • 2 payments of $4,498
  • 3 payments of $2,999
How long is the program? What are the dates?

Our start time is based on our rolling admissions and lasts for 18 weeks. The CoCreate Work Culture Certification is a comprehensive program and we look forward to building community with the students in this initial cohort!

What are the details for the curriculum?

The CoCreate Work Culture Certification Curriculum consists of 2 core sections covering 12 essential modules. Each module includes weekly topics that intentionally build on the previous one.

You will learn concepts, strategies, and tools for building the necessary skills to drive transformative cultural changes and position yourself as a key influencer in the evolving landscape of workplace dynamics.

Bonus modules throughout the certification provide additional skills that will help you amplify your impact and effectiveness in this work. 

Every week the cohort will:

  • Meet for a live interactive lecture on Zoom that focuses on the weekly topic
  • Work in small groups to share experiences and perspectives
  • Engage in real application and practice of the concepts, strategies and tools
  • Give and receive feedback to improve your understanding for deeper learning

    Week & Module
    Certification Level 1
    Week 1: Yourself & Your Leadership in the Context of Culture Transformation 
    Week 2: Client Selection & Client Assessment 
    Week 3: Overview of the 5 Components of Culture © & Systems Thinking 101
    Week 4: Shared Purpose 
    Week 5: BREAK - NO CLASS
    Week 6: Working Agreements 
    Week 7: Autonomy & Flexibility 
    Week 8: Communication I - Stakeholders and Leadership 
    Week 9: Level I Final Assignment  
    Week 10: BREAK - NO CLASS
    Week 11: BREAK - NO CLASS
    Certification Level II
    Week 12: Culture Design 
    Week 13: Inclusive Systems 
    Week 14: Intentional Connection & Measurement 
    Week 15: Communication II - Communicating to the entire Organization
    Week 16:Trauma Informed Consulting 
    Week 17: Level II Final Assignment
    Week 18: Graduation 

Bonus Modules

  • Self Care & Wellbeing: How to care for yourself while supporting clients and complex organizations
  • Sales & Marketing 101: Strategies for successful business development and buy-in
  • Project Management Basics: How to manage projects effectively with clients
Will there be live calls during the program? Will the calls be recorded?

Yes, this is a live, virtual program. Classes will occur each week (day and time based on class time zones and availability) and participants will also have a weekly case study to complete independently and a small circle to discuss learning from the week.

What if I have to miss a class?

Our intention is to come together live each week for shared learning and collaboration. AND we understand that things come up. Participants can miss a maximum of 3 live classes. If a major life event occurs that would cause you to miss more sessions, we will work together on a plan on a case by case basis.

Will you have a community aspect?

Yes, within the cohort, participants will be formed into small groups where they will have weekly discussions on the learning and case study from that week. Cohorts are meant to create community and network, check in on shared learning, and learn from each other’s lived experience.

Who is this program for? I don’t have prior knowledge or experience of culture, is this program still for me?

This program is for those individuals who have a background or deep interest in any of the following areas: learning and development, human resources, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), organizational design/development, human centered leadership, etc. It was also built with founders and business owners in mind.

Ultimately this program will teach you the elements of creating culture in teams and organizations of all sizes. You will want to have knowledge of what culture and communication is like within a workplace - but the program is agnostic to industry or geographical location. We are excited to accept a variety of experiences into the certification and we want candidates who are committed to the pillars of the program. If you are interested, please apply!

What types of businesses is this certification for?

The program is industry agnostic. We are looking for a wide range of interests and experiences! The key requirement that we ask for is that you are committed to creating inclusive work environments.

When is the enrollment period/deadline?

- Rolling admission is open now.
- Will this certification open again?

  • We are excited for this inaugural class! If you are interested in this program we encourage you to sign up for this cohort. We will offer the program again, but those who are part of our first class will represent ambassadors of the program. We will offer the course again as cohort seats continue to be filled.
How is this certification program different from a coaching certification, MBA, or other graduate degree?

Both La’Kita and Chloe have coaching certifications, and MSW, and MBA respectively, so they know and respect the value that comes with this education. We find that coaching certification is about working with individuals to find their own answers, on its own it does not represent providing expert guidance or systems level support and recommendations.  

MBA programs center on various areas of business like finance, marketing, operations. It might touch on culture, but most programs don’t provide a deep dive into culture and organizational design. In this program you will learn the elements of designing culture to support the ever changing workforce. With that said, if a graduate degree is what you are seeking we encourage you to go for it!

Are accommodations available? Do you offer transcripts or captions for video modules?

Yes, all training, recordings, and bonus modules will have captioning and/or transcripts. We will have various breaks and quiet opportunities for reflection. If you have specific questions or accommodation requests, please email our team at

What is the refund or guarantee policy?

This is an education program and knowledge cannot be unknown once shared. Due to the nature of learning and development inside of the culture certification program, we do not offer refunds after the program starts. However, we are committed to your learning and growth as part of this program. We will do our part to ensure you have access to all tools, training, and resources to be successful in this program. We ask for your shared commitment.

How long will I have access to the materials provided?

You will have ongoing access to the tools and templates as long as you are certified with the program. You will also have access to all updates and new tools introduced within the program during your certification period. Because we want to ensure that participants stay up to date on the changing nature of the workplace we ask that you maintain certification by renewing every 3 years. Any renewal costs will be minimal and will include attendance at a short updated training.

How do I get my company to help pay for this program?

We believe requesting company support is a great way to highlight your commitment to growth and development. We even have a template for you! Email our team at

Will this help me start my business?

Potentially. This program is designed to help you grow your skills in the area of systems thinking, the ability to develop leaders, and culture creation. In the course we also cover some of the basics of consulting and touch on sharing your services. However, we do not guarantee sales or any particular financial or career outcome. With that said, there is a lot of important work to be done, and we would love to help you be a part of it!

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Rolling Admissions Now Open


Be a Part of Our Next Cohort!

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